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Residential moving

We can fully serve citizens, who need moving services in Vilnius or other Lithuanian cities. If you need to move from the house to the apartment or vice versa, from one apartment to another in the same city, other city or even to the foreign country or if you only need you new assets to be delivered from the trade shops, you can call us anytime. We will not only suggest you how to ease these proceses, but also arrange the proper time for meeting, so that we could present full offer, how much time and money it may cost you.

Moving is not so often in your life, so you may probably need the help of professionals. We are experienced company, so we perfectly understand the needs and requirements of our customer, so we consider all quiddities and offer what is most acceptable for a customer. Our experiene shows that our moving services are done professionally, on time and safely.

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Very good!
Paulius Abromavičius
Job was done very fast, high quality, men were very polite.
Alina Rauch
We are satisfied of your team work. Good luck to you!
We like these moving services. Guys works very good, quickly and operative.
Virginija D.
Their work fantastically. The best reviews. Greetings for the team.
Loreta S.
Everything is good. 10 points.
Stanislava Vaitekūnienė

Very nice and kind service and attention to a customer. All thigs were neatly transported.

Rasa Šimkuvienė
The service and delivery was very good.
Jurgita Joniškytė
10 points!
Regina Astrauskienė
Guys work very well. We did not expect that they will do it so fast and good. They allelected, assembled, moved drifted and repaired all goods. Everything was done quickly. Well done!
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