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The clients pay for the moving services provided by us on the grounds of standard moving service rates or according to a pre-agreed estimate. The estimates are usually offered for large local movings and all international moving services. In this case all relevant information about the future moving is collected and the final price is agreed with the customer.
In the event of small local moves in Vilnius the final price is calculated on the grounds of the actual time spent, mileage and used packaging materials. In this way the customer pays only for what was actually done and used. A 2-hour minimum charge applies for moving services in Vilnius. If the moving takes more than two hours, the extra time is calculated for every 15- minute periods.
Our new customers often ask: will we intentionally try to extend the work time and thus raise the final price? Our definite answer is NO! The base of our constant costumers, successful development of our company and only positive customer feedback  on our moving services both in Lithuania and throughout Europe are the best proof of our honesty. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to ask us to provide you with recommendations of our existing customers!

Here are the prices of the most commonly used moving services in Lithuania. If you want to pre-calculate the cost of your future move and/or you are interested in packaging materials and prices, please refer to the tables of expanded rates in Lithuania  and rates in Belgium

ServiceMeasurePrice *  
zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas  Hour 27,00EUR / 21,00EUR***
zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas  Hour 36,00EUR / 28,00EUR***
deze_S Box S (500 x 400 x 400)  Pcs. 1,50EUR
deze_m Box M (500 x 500 x 400)  Pcs. 2,00EUR
deze_L Box L (500 x 500 x 600)  Pcs. 2,50EUR
International moving **


* - all prices are provided excluding VAT.
** - The price of international moving is calculated individually for each moving. It depends on the number of kilometres, working time, the quantity of the required number of employees and other specific information.
*** - there are additional conditions. We will provide more information by phone .

Please contact us  and we will find the best solution for you! 

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They are very well. We are satisfied and be sure that we will use your services in the future.
Emilis K.
As always, nicely managed relocation. Using this opportunity, I would like to celebrate your team's work. Really excellent price and quality ratio.
Daiva K.
We did not expect  but moving managed super! They work very quickly, hatch!
Ingrida P.
More information on the internet, so it would be easier to find you!
Mantas Bajalis
Thank You for good job.
Lina Rozkovienė
We are very satisfied. Complaints over work or service is not available. Team is punctual, works well. Price of consistent quality. Congratulations! 
UAB "Art deco"

I am very satisfied with this team work. They work very well, quickly and professionally.

UAB "Baltika Lietuva"
Very good!
Paulius Abromavičius
The best estimates. The employees are awesome, their work fast and carefully. If I need these services next time I'll choose "Kraustymo komanda".
The team works perfectly! Thank you, and in the future will call you for help! Vilija Lesauskienė.
Vilija Lesauskienė
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