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General liability insurance covers all the services we provide. The standard insurance amount is EUR 30 000. Thus it does not matter what we have to move – only one sofa or all your entire household items– Your items are considered to be insured from our team’s arrival to your place till the laying of the last item to its intended place. For international moving services and if the value of client’s assets exceeds EUR 30 000 an additional insurance is taken. In this case, the property is insured under additional insurance based on the value of the property being moved to ensure the safety of your property during the whole process of moving. 

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It was very nice to work with you.

Lietuvos bankas
The team works perfectly! Thank you, and in the future will call you for help! Vilija Lesauskienė.
Vilija Lesauskienė
Guys work very well. We did not expect that they will do it so fast and good. They allelected, assembled, moved drifted and repaired all goods. Everything was done quickly. Well done!
Thank you very much. Thank you for such a thorough and sincere your employees work.     
VšĮ Lietuvos žemės ūkio konsultavimo tarnybos Kupiškio rajono biuras
I am very happy about the work quality. There were no misunderstandings. Work was smooth and fast. It was pleasant move.
Vitalijus Smackis, UAB Dograma, vadybininkas-konsultantas
Thank You this company for well done job :)
I hope I won`t need, but if I would, I would choose them and I strongly recommend to others, too.
Good luck
Edita T.
They work as quickly as possible. Thank you very much!
Sigita K.

Very fast and organized work! Easy and pleasing to work with such a team. Best wishes!

Genovaitė Buisson
We like these moving services. Guys works very good, quickly and operative.
Virginija D.
10 points! Well done.
Arūnas Budinavičius
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