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If You are young, ambitious, physically strong and tough, You wish to gain more experience or You have ambitions to become a leader, then You perfectly suit our needs. Please send Your CV to  or fill in the application form below. We will contact You if any positions are vacant.

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Very good.
Nijolė Matkevičienė
When taking the order it should be based on real calculations. The evaluation of team work: 10.
Eglė Virgailaitė-Mečkauskaitė
Birutė Andriukaitienė

They work really quickly and professionally. I do not have any complaints.

Michalina Ženčauskienė
10 points!
Regina Astrauskienė
Thank You for good job.
Lina Rozkovienė
Thank You this company for well done job :)
I hope I won`t need, but if I would, I would choose them and I strongly recommend to others, too.
Good luck
Edita T.
I am very happy about the work quality. There were no misunderstandings. Work was smooth and fast. It was pleasant move.
Vitalijus Smackis, UAB Dograma, vadybininkas-konsultantas
10 points! Well done.
Arūnas Budinavičius
I have no complaints about this team, they do their best.
Kristina, UAB "AIRV" Klaipėdos filialas
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