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Since the end of 2012 we have been providing warehousing services in Vilnius. Our customers have the possibility to store their personal belongings from one day to several years in a dry and secure warehouse. It is possible to store the desired quantity of items.

You will benefit from storage services in Vilnius if:

you are going away on a business trip for a long time and want to rent your apartment without furniture;
you are repairing your home and need temporary storage of your pieces of furniture  to avoid their damage;
you are moving to a new place but it has not yet been fully prepared and you already have to move out of the old place;
you’ve acquired additional pieces of furniture and do not have a place to store them;
you do not want to overload your home with the items which are not necessary during that season (e.g. in summer - ski equipment and sledges, in winter – bicycles or outdoor toys); 

Please contact  us and we will find the best solution for you! Click here  to learn about the cost of services.

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Very nice and kind service and attention to a customer. All thigs were neatly transported.

Rasa Šimkuvienė
Romualdas Dapšys, JSIC "ERGO LIETUVA" Šiauliai region centre director
This team brought our motorcycle from Germany to Lithuania. Thank you for a professional and punctual services! We are pleased with the work of your team     
Vilma G.
We are satisfied of your team work. Good luck to you!
10 points! Well done.
Arūnas Budinavičius

They work really quickly and professionally. I do not have any complaints.

Michalina Ženčauskienė
The service and delivery was very good.
Jurgita Joniškytė
10 points! Well done!
Raimonda Kaluginienė
More such men.
Nijolė Sainininkienė
As always everything done well. Guys worked good.
Asta K.
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