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Rates in Lithuania

In this table You will find all the standard moving in Vilnius rates. If You need moving estimate or offer, or have any questions - please contact us  and we will solve that matter. 

ServiceMeasure Price *  
zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas Hour 20,00 EUR
zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas Hour 30,00 EUR
zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas Hour 40,00 EUR
zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01+zmogeliuko_ico_01kraustymas_pilka_naujas Hour 60,00 EUR
zmogeliuko_ico_01 Hour 10,00 EUR
kraustymas_pilka_naujas Hour 10,00 EUR
deze_S Box S (500 x 400 x 400) Pcs. 2,00 EUR
deze_m Box M (500 x 500 x 400) Pcs. 2,50 EUR
deze_L Box L (500 x 500 x 600) Pcs. 3,00 EUR
 deze_S Box S rent (500 x 400 x 400) Pcs. 2,00 EUR
lipni_juosta Tape Pcs. 1,50 EUR
rankine_plevele Stretch Pcs. 6,50 EUR
Clothes hanging box (500 x 442 x 1000)  Pcs. 15,00 EUR
Bubble wrap m.  0,50 EUR
Packing paper Kg. 1,00 EUR
Delivery of packing materials Pcs. 15,00 EUR
Storage m 2/month 9,00 EUR

* - all prices without VAT. 
** - there additional conditions. We will provide more information by phone .

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Everything is good. 10 points.
Stanislava Vaitekūnienė
Job was done quickly and nice.
Meilute Drigotiene
This team brought our motorcycle from Germany to Lithuania. Thank you for a professional and punctual services! We are pleased with the work of your team     
Vilma G.
We are very happy of "Kraustymo komanda" work. Very good boys, they give us an advice and help. I have no adverse comments because employees are very compassionate. Just 10 points. People like them must work with other people.
Genovaitė I.
We are granted of your moving services.  From 10 point value we give you 9,5 points.Good luck to your team! Sincerely Stanislavas Bagdonavičius.
Super and highly professional moving team! They helped to move form Rotterdam to Brussels. Thanks a lot! When it will be necessary I will ask you again and will recommend you for others.
The team works perfectly! Thank you, and in the future will call you for help! Vilija Lesauskienė.
Vilija Lesauskienė
Job was done very fast, high quality, men were very polite.
Alina Rauch
We are satisfied of your team work. Good luck to you!
We are very thankful team for professional, fast and excellent job, next time we`ll choose Your company and we`ll recommend to others! Transpass Klaipeda
Sigita Juode, TRANSPASS
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