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Any company which needs the moving services may become our customer. Also such companies as furniture producers and traders, bailiffs, banks, household equipment producers and traders, construction companies, realty estate agencies and other companies, which constantly need loading and transportation services. If you would like more information, please, fill in the order form and we will contact you.

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_0035_teisingumo_ministerija  The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania
_0002_LT_Zelems_ukio_ministerija  The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
_0019_KAM  The Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania
_0029_sam  The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
_0003_LT_aplinkos_ministerija  The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
_0033_susisiekimo_ministerija  The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania
_0037_URM  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania
_0015_LT_finansu_ministerija  The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
_0020_LT_Kulturos_ministerija  The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
_0034_svietimo_ministerija  The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
 _0022_LT_nuolatine_atstovybe Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union
_0013_Europos_parlamentas  European Parliament  
_0014_Europos_komisija  European Commission
_0032_sodra  State Social Insurance Fund Board
_0038_vmi  State Tax Inspectorate
_0018_Hansab  Hansab UAB
_0024_mano_bustas  UAB "Mano būstas LT" 
_0036_teo  Teo LT, AB
_0001_lt_zemes_ukio_konsultavimo_tarnyba  Public institution Lithuanian Agriculture Advisory Service
_0000_gjensidige  Gjensidige Baltic, Lithuanian branch
_0039_zepter  "Zepter international"
_0041_omnitel  UAB "Omnitel"
_0008_bite  UAB "Bitė Lietuva"
_0006_baltika_lietuva  UAB "Baltika Lietuva" 
_0040_archyvas  Lithuanian Central State Archive
_0017_girteka  UAB "Girteka Logistics"
_0021_LT_bankas  The Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania
 _0030_sarma UAB "Sarma beauty"
_0026_norfos_vaistine  UAB "Norfos vaistinė"
_0025_metasite  "Metasite Business Solutions" UAB
_0016_gintarine_vaistine  UAB "Gintarinė vaistinė" 
_0031_SU  Šiauliai University
_0027_optikos_pasaulis  UAB "Optikos pasaulis"
_0028_puratos  Puratos LTD
_0004_arijus  UAB "Arijus"
_0011_DNB  AB "DNB bankas"
_0012_Ergo_lietuva  UAB "Ergo Lietuva"
_0007_bdc  UAB "Baltic data center"
_0005_baltic_master  UAB "Baltic master"
_0009_carglass  UAB "Nordglass automobilių stiklai"


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Thanks a lot for a professional, punctual services relocating from Klaipėda to Vilnius. Your company exceeded all our expectations. We will recommend you as providing a reliable moving services company. If it will be necessary for us we will appeal to you.
Rasa P.
More such men.
Nijolė Sainininkienė
I am very happy about the work quality. There were no misunderstandings. Work was smooth and fast. It was pleasant move.
Vitalijus Smackis, UAB Dograma, vadybininkas-konsultantas
The work of high quality! Very kind, cultured, attentive workers.
Bronislava Giedraitytė
We are very thankful team for professional, fast and excellent job, next time we`ll choose Your company and we`ll recommend to others! Transpass Klaipeda
Sigita Juode, TRANSPASS
I would give 10 points. Moving was done really proffesional. Thank You.
Rūta Sunkevičienė
Thank You this company for well done job :)
I hope I won`t need, but if I would, I would choose them and I strongly recommend to others, too.
Good luck
Edita T.
We are satisfied of your team work. Good luck to you!
Guys work very well. We did not expect that they will do it so fast and good. They allelected, assembled, moved drifted and repaired all goods. Everything was done quickly. Well done!
The team works perfectly! Thank you, and in the future will call you for help! Vilija Lesauskienė.
Vilija Lesauskienė
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