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International moving

Since company’s establishment the range of our services comprised both local moving and international moving. Since then we have accumulated a lot of experience and useful knowledge of how to do this in the most efficient and convenient way for the customer. 
International moving services may be provided for both transportation of only a few boxes or moving of all your personal belongings from/to Lithuania.

Most frequently we can offer the following two options of international moving:
1) in the territory of Lithuania we do all the work by ourselves and abroad we hire local moving companies which pack your things and load them to our transport. 
2) we perform all the work from A to Z by ourselves both in Lithuania and abroad. 

The estimate of international moving is calculated by taking into account the number of kilometres driven, working hours, the number of items, the number of staff required and other specific information. We usually conclude long-term contracts on special terms and conditions with the companies or institutions to which international moving is a constant concern.

Our goal is to ensure the best possible price and quality ratio in the field of international moving. 

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It was very nice to work with you.

Lietuvos bankas
Very good guys. Moving succeeded very well. If it will be necessary I will ask them again. 
Olga U.
Job was done very fast, high quality, men were very polite.
Alina Rauch
The kob was done very well.
Danguolė Peleckienė
More information on the internet, so it would be easier to find you!
Mantas Bajalis
Very diligent and dutiful workers.
Aldona Aleknienė
Very organized and qualitative work.
Moving was successfull, thank you for your services! 
I am very happy about the work quality. There were no misunderstandings. Work was smooth and fast. It was pleasant move.
Vitalijus Smackis, UAB Dograma, vadybininkas-konsultantas
Thank you very much. Thank you for such a thorough and sincere your employees work.     
VšĮ Lietuvos žemės ūkio konsultavimo tarnybos Kupiškio rajono biuras
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